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Proverbs 21:13  When we are attentive to the cry of the poor, the world becomes better and we insure our future
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Proverbs 21:13 When we are attentive to the cry of the poor, the world becomes better and we insure our future

  There was a day in man's past when God brought the beasts and birds to Adam to see what he would name them.  Whatever Adam called each living creature , that was its name.  This is but one example of the authority and power given to man in the earth. We have been given the power to shape this planet!   We can enhance life for  mankind or bring pain.  What we do not only affects others, but also determines our future.   This is the secret of Proverbs 21:13.  We must take time to consider  the needs of the oppressed and less fortunate and DO what we can to help.  This also ensures that our crying is heard when we are in need.  God continues to watch to see what we will do!

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