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Word Of Wisdom

On our 'Wisdom' page, you will find Words of Wisdom from the Book of Psalms, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.  We add commentary to illuminate the essence of the passage.  We encourage you to take a little time each day to consider these "Words of Wisdom".  When we meditate in God's word, day and night, we gain the power to rule our emotions and make decisions that lead to prosperity (Psalms 1:2-3).  If you Sign up for a free  Parable Power account, you can ask questions or submit comments about these topics.



The Parable Power Blog: Digging For Treasure

This is not your typical Bible Study blog!  Each month we publish a new article filled with research, commentary, reference sources and videos.  We search for and discuss truths that were hidden in past generations (i.e. Col 1:26) but have been reserved for us to discover!  It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter (Pv.25:2).  As we search out these mysteries, you can participate as the Parable Power community discusses the treasure we find..  Join us as we search the scriptures to uncover hidden treasure (Acts 16:11).



Easy Self-Paced Online Bible-Study Courses

About once per quarter, we publish courses that feature articles, multi-media content, reference materials, tests to reenforce learning and more.  Parable Power members can subnit questions that  will be addressed by the Parable Power Network (PPN) staff. . Our staff also moderates commentary posted by members. Network members may view answers and commentary posted by others.  This is a community learning experience; Iron sharpens iron. We invite you to join the Parable Power Network today, you will never be the same!



Seminars Designed To Spark True Discipleship

We conduct Parable Power seminars in local churches, community centers and other places of meeting.  Participants have access to private online study rroms which contain relevant  resource materials and quizes.  Participants also have shared access to PPN moderators for Q & A and discussion.  Contact us to learn more or schedule a seminar for your group.



Leadership, Character Development Programs and Scholarships For Youth

We sponsor Youth Leadership and Character Development Classes for under-privileged students. Our sessions are designed to motivate and empower youth to rise above their circumstances, develop life-goals and become assets to their community. We also sponsor scholarships to camps designed to help place student athletes in college programs.



Join Us As We Build The Parable Power Network!

We are building a network of people.  People who choose to join the Parable Power Network are serious about finding purpose and meaning in life.  They want to experience the power and excitement promised to those who uncover the mysteries of God's plan and His Kingdom!  We invite YOU to join us on our journey to discover the Power in the Parable!




The Parable Power Network helps people to understand and appropriate the power in the parable.  We provide tools and resources that help YOU to discover the mysteries of God's kingdom and to acquire the power to live a fulfilling life of purpose, excitement and joy! We invite you to join us as we discover the "Power in the Parable". You will never be the same!

"... for it is given to YOU to KNOW the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven..." Matthew 13:11

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