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The Triumphal Entry: A Living Parable


On April 6, AD 32, Jesus, with much fanfare,  rode into Jerusalem on a young donkey.  Instead of telling a story, Jesus delivers a message "live" and in living color.  Hidden in this humble donkey ride into Jerusalem are truths about who Jesus is, His mission, and the fulfillment of numerous prophecies, including a staggering  500-year-old  prediction of when Israel's Messiah (Christ) would present Himself as King!  There are blessings waiting for us as we discover these hidden treasures.

Where Shall We Buy Bread That These May Eat?


  This riddle in John 6:4 was used by Jesus to test His disciples!  Can you answer the riddle?  What did Jesus want them to learn?  Before they could go to the nations and make disciples, they had to know the answer.  Jesus actually demonstrated the answer in a living parable that is called, "The Feeding of the 5,000".  In this article, we show you how to solve biblical riddles! 

Persecution and the Last Days of the Church Age- Part I

Pugh Research statistics compiled from 2010-2015 reveal that Christianity is declining in America and around the world.  Animosity toward Christianity is rising and people are leaving the Church in record numbers.  These stats also reveal that all other religions (except Buddhism) are growing and that 40% of Christians will live in sub-Saharan Africa by 2050!  As we approach the end of the Church Age and the second coming of Christ, how will the Church respond to these trends?  This article will explore what we have done to contribute to this situation and what we should be doing now.   

Five Mysteries Of Palm Sunday Uncovered

Palm Sunday, the day of Jesus' ' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem began the most important week in human history.  On this day, a  parade featuring Jesus riding on a young donkey began at Bethsaida and proceeded into Jerusalem.  Multitudes joined the processional by laying leafy branches and clothing in the pathway and shouting, "Hosanna! ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!  The King of Israel!".  Have you ever wondered what this "parade" was really all about?

A World In Chaos

We live in a time of worldwide chaos.  Natural disaster, war, poverty, ethnic/religious  cleansing, starvation, disease, social unrest and occultism is growing worldwide.   Unfortunately, things are going to become much worse before it gets better!  You need to understand what is happening and why you live in such a chaotic world!  Let's go...

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