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Proverbs 18:2   Fools value their own opinion over truth
Larry Shepard
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Proverbs 18:2 Fools value their own opinion over truth

A fool has no delight in understanding,
But in expressing his own heart.  -Proverbs 18:2

I have been wrong more times than I want to admit. Being wrong is embarrassing, but protecting ourselves by refusing to listen to and embrace truth is just stupid. Truth liberates us. Truth empowers us. We must always remember that we see through the glass darkly and unless we can see the plank in our own eye, there is no way to see clearly to help someone else.  Only insecure fools value their own opinions when faced with contradictory truth.

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Larry Shepard

Larry ShepardLarry Shepard

Larry is the founder and visionary of the Parable Power Network. His mission is to ignite a passion for God's word and to see the Power in the Parable elevate people to exemplary living.. Larry has served in various Christian ministries for over 40 years; including teaching in Bible Schools and as a Senior Pastor.

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Larry Shepard committed his life to Jesus Christ over 40 years ago. During those years, he worked in evangelistic radio and publishing ministries. He has served as an Education Director, Special Ministries Director, Associate Pastor and as a Senior Pastor. Larry has studied and taught at Cornerstone Theological Seminary. He also developed and taught classes at The Texas Institute of Biblical Studies. Larry worked in Corporate America as an IT professional and developed software for numerous small businesses. He lives in Houston, Texas, and is married and has two children and two grandchildren.


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