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Welcome to Parable Power Treasures!  Each of these topics consists of several short lessons containing an article, reference links, videos, a quiz and a discussion forum where Parable Power members can ask questions and discuss the lessons.  We invite you to join us  as we discover hidden treasure!

Lesson 1 - Where Shall We Buy Bread That These May Eat?

Topic 2004 - Mystery of the Body and Blood

Larry Shepard 0 5048 Article rating: 3.0

As Jesus traveled around Galileeand  healed many sickpeople, thousands of people began to follow Him .  These crowds presented Jesus with a unique training opportunity.  In John chapter 6:1-14, Jesus takes advantage of this setting to teach His disciples what they must do to effectively disciple the nations.  The twelve are about to learn WHERE to "buy" the bread needed to feed the multitudes. 

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