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Daily words of wisdom from Proverbs

Proverbs 11:25 Generous people are endowed by God wirh "true riches"

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Life on planet Earth is challenging for everyone.  Many believe that riches will solve life's issues  However, drug addiction and alcoholism do not care if you have money or not.  Only true riches can bring meaning, fulfillment, and peace to your life.  True riches can only be acquired by being generous.  You must give to others some of what you possess.  Perhaps all you have is a kind word, advice or a smile.  Everyone can be generous.  When you decide to give, God rewards you with true riches.  You will have what you need to deal with the challenges of life. Fear, anxiety, and the enemies of life will not overtake you.  Generous people are favored by God. We are selfish beings who love to please ourselves.   This is why Jesus said that the second greatest commandment was "You shall love your neighbor, as yourself". (Mark 12:31)

Psalms 119:92-93 The secrect to success and freedom is to delight in His Word.

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We are bombarded each day with information from various sources.  News channels, radio, social media, games, movies, TV, music, and people vie for our attention on a daily basis.  What we hear has a great influence on how we think and what we do!   Our choices are rooted in the words that we have consumed.  The dangerous aspect of this truth is that our choices will shape our future and impact our families!  Trouble comes to everyone.  Some life issues we face are a direct result of what we listen to.   When we become addicted to the wrong information sources, we do not make good choices and do not have effective answers or help when trouble comes.  There is a secret that will change our future..  There is a proven information source that provides wisdom and supernatural help when needed.  The secret to success in life and deliverance from trouble is revealed in Psalms 119:92.  The word of God must become your delight!

Proverbs 24:11-12 A lack of concern and care for those in need is dangerous

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For several years I helped high school athletes attain scholarships and other aid for college.  By far, the most valuable information given to these young people had to do with character development.  This may seem strange, I always encouraged these athletes to find and help someone in need!  Not only does this help to produce self-esteem, but comes with many intangible benefits. Religious leaders in Jesus' day asked Him, "What is the greatest commandment?". Jesus' answer also included the second greatest commandment, "Love thy neighbor...".  When we refuse to consider and care for others, people may not notice it, BUT this proverb teaches us that God does.  This is good news for those who choose to help others in need and a warning for those who only pursue that which benefits themselves.

Proverbs 23:4-5 When riches are the goal of your life's work, pain and regret are inevitable.

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My mother lived through the Great Depression.  Despite having barely enough income for food and a shabby roof over their heads, my mom and her mother routinely cooked and fed soup to those who had even less than they did.  Meanwhile, millionaires, who lost their money, were jumping from buildings and committing other forms of suicide.  There is nothing wrong with having money and wealth.  However, People are endangered when the acquisition and possession of riches rule their lifestyle.  Loving God and loving their neighbors were riches that sustained my mom and her family through difficult days.  They did not have a lot of money, but they had true riches!  Our family is growing and prosperous today because of wisdom imparted from my mother.   Monetary riches are deceitful and temporary.  This Proverb teaches us that they fly away like an eagle.  Wisdom leads us to pursue true riches which are eternal.

Those who read and listen to God's Word receive the power to cope with chaos. Proverbs 1:33

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We live in a dangerous world.  The explosion of technology has given us access to worldwide atrocities, moments after they occur.  Images of the viciousness and hatred within the hearts of men are literally in our pocket!  The impact on our society is borne out in high rates of suicide and mental disorder.  Where can we find peace and courage to deal with the world in which we live?  The answer is the Word of God.  We have to choose to READ and LISTEN to it.  Only then will we obtain the reward!

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