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Welcome to our blog where we search for the treasure hidden in the scriptures.  Join us in our journey as we discover the mysteries of God's kingdom (Matt 13:11)!  You are also invited to participate in our discussion of these articles.  You can comment and ask questions in the Comments section.

The Triumphal Entry: A Living Parable

The Triumphal Entry: A Living Parable

Larry Shepard

On April 6, AD 32, Jesus, with much fanfare,  rode into Jerusalem on a young donkey.  This is the only time in  the gospels that Jesus  does not travel (on land) by foot.   Why?  What is happening here?  What does it mean?  This is a living parable.  Instead of telling  a story, Jesus delivers  a message "live" and in living color.

Hidden in this humble  donkey  ride into Jerusalem are  truths about who Jesus is, His purpose and the fulfillment of numerous prophecies, including a staggering  500year old  prediction of when Israel's Messiah (Christ) would present Himself as King!  There are blessings waiting for us as we discover these hidden treasures.  These blessings are what I refer to as "The Power in the Parable"!  Let's go.  


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