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How To Use Our Blog
Larry Shepard

How To Use Our Blog

The Parable Power Blog is designed to help you discover the mysteries hidden within God's parables (His word, works and wonders).  The key here is "help you".  We will not explain every passage or answer every question.  We believe that you must be active in the discovery of truth in order to receive God's best.  Therefore, our goal is to lead you into the discovery of truth.


Unleashing The PowerHidden In The Parable

The scripture tells us to meditate in the word day and night (Psalms 1:1-3).  God has promised that if we do this, we will become strong and fruitful.  In order to receive the promise, we must participate in the process.


Don't Rush Through Our Articles!

Again, our goal is to help YOU to discover the Power in the Parable.  In order for this to happen, you must read the articles carefully and spend time reading and considering all scripture passages and reference material.  Sometimes the light will NOT turn on until your second or third time through the article and references.  The ministry of the Holy Sprot is to help you to discover and understand the truth (John 16:13 ).  Pray about what you are reading and expect the help that God has promised (2 Pet 1:3-5).  We should never forget thst it has been given to us to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 13:11)!


Popup Scripture References

Whenever you see a scripture reference within our articles (e.g. Prov 25:2), you can immediately view the passage by hovering over the reference with your mouse.  A popup window will appear displaying the text of the passage.  This allows you to read the verse(s) without having to move to another page.  The scripture is presented in the New King James Version, however, you can easily view other versions of the passage by clicking on the More link at the end of the passage.  When you click the More link, a new tab will be displayed which allows you to change versions or do additional research.


The popup feature is made possible by  Bible Gateway provides excellent Bible study tools online.  We appreciate this resource and highly recommend Bible Gateway's tools and apps.


Keys To Help You Discover Hidden Treasure

As you progress through our articles, occasionally, you will see a "Study Principle" that is used while developing material in the article.  It looks like this:


Key Study Principle (Read); 2 Peter 1:19-23


The things Jesus did confirm Old Testament prophecies about Him. We have to find and study those passages to better understand His ministry.


These principles are derived from the scripture reference (top right).  You should carefully read the scripture and take some time to consider the underlying principle. These truths will be invaluable as you continue to study.


Video And Other References

LISTED AFTER EACH ARTICLE IS A mORE lINKS SECTION.  These videos and web links are carefully sselected to give you a resource for more information about topics discussed in the article.  We strongly encourage you to spend time with these references as they will shed more light on the subject matter and help you to discover more treasure.


Community Discussion, An Important Part Of The Process

At the end of each article, in the Comments section, you will find challenging questions and additional commentary from Parable Power staff and the community.  Registered visitors can post answers, ask related questions or comment on YOUR discoveries.  Our staff moderates the comments and will address your posts, where appropriate.   Registration is free, just click the Register link at the top right of this page.


We Expect You To Learn And Grow!

We are excited to have you as a part of The Parable Power Network!  Our blog is the product of many years of study and prayer.  Everything included in our articles has a purpose.  We expect you to discover truths that were hidden for YOU to find. If you have questions, it means that the process is working.   Please share your questions and discoveries in the Comments area so that we can all grow together and encourage each other.  


Share Our Blog!

Tell somebody!  Help us to add people who want to discover the power in the parable to the network.  Use the social icons below each article to share topics and discoveries with people you know.  We know that they will never be the same!. 

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Larry Shepard

Larry ShepardLarry Shepard

Larry is the founder and visionary of the Parable Power Network. His mission is to ignite a passion for God's word and to see the Power in the Parable elevate people to exemplary living.. Larry has served in various Christian ministries for over 40 years; including teaching in Bible Schools and as a Senior Pastor.

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Larry Shepard committed his life to Jesus Christ over 40 years ago. During those years, he worked in evangelistic radio and publishing ministries. He has served as an Education Director, Special Ministries Director, Associate Pastor and as a Senior Pastor. Larry has studied and taught at Cornerstone Theological Seminary. He also developed and taught classes at The Texas Institute of Biblical Studies. Larry worked in Corporate America as an IT professional and developed software for numerous small businesses. He lives in Houston, Texas, and is married and has two children and two grandchildren.


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